Farmyard Darlings Farmilicious Custom Furniture For Every Style Home

The Farmyard Darlings understand that individual style is important and work side-by-side with several local wood artisans to come up with a design that works best for your home, restaurant or office space. Whether your preference leans towards more Modern Farmhouse, Rustic Elegance, Transitional, or Contemporary Country Chic -- "The Darlings" will deliver the look that best suits your decor and individual personality. Don't be surprised if they recreate an ordinary "old something" and transform it into something really "extraordinary." 

Keep in mind that all reclaimed wood has character, blemishes and of course, lots of history. Most of the time, "The Darlings" are able to provide information about where the wood originated, its original purpose, and an approximation of its age.

If you are interested in a custom piece of furniture please contact us through our online contact form or feel free to contact us directly at 925-899-0345.  Farmyard Love, Kim & Carole




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