Hurry. It’s almost Mother’s Day. Write your Mom a letter…

Farmyard Darlings Letter #25: Hurry. Here are some good reasons why you need to write a letter to your Mom…

You need to remind your Mom that YOU really are The Boss. You decide what YOU want to have for dinner and YOU decide when you’re going to go to bed. And YOU decide what you want to do over the weekend. So, yes. A letter reminding your Mom that you’re The Boss would be a good idea…

You also need to remind your mom, that she should really take better care of herself. That it’s OKAY to shower everyday or to take a long, leisurely bath in the middle of the afternoon with a glass of Chardonnay. It’s also a great reminder to tell your Mom to pluck those unwanted hairs on her chin, and get that mani/pedi that she’s been putting off since last summer.

Don’t forget to remind your Mom how truly blessed she is to have YOU as her son or daughter. It’s only because of YOU that she’s TIRED ALL OF THE TIME. First when you were young, because of the lack of sleep. Then as a teenager when Mom’s CANNOT sleep either worrying about being out with friends, or not having friends, or sneaking out with friends, or sneaking out to find new friends. Either way, send your Mom a “Thank You” note for all of the sleepless nights that she’s had since the day you’ve been born.

Thank your Mom for having such a killer “Mom Voice.” It’s actually worked to your neighbor’s advantage. Just think of all of the times The Mom Voice was used so loud that your neighbors on both sides actually got up out of bed and brushed their teeth.

And of course, don’t forget to thank your Mom for putting herself in “time-out” when things got out of hand. And never questioning “Why?” when she asked you to get the wine opener in the kitchen and shove it under the bedroom door.

Lastly, YOU might as well write your Mom’s Mom and thank her for not killing your Mom when she was a teenager. If that had happened, you wouldn’t be here right now.

So, don’t forget to write a letter to your Mom. Or just forget it. An insta-story will do.


 A Mom