Think like a Shopkeeper...

Farmyard Darlings Letter #23: Merchandise your home like a Shopkeeper…

I’m not really tidy. (I would rather sit on a pile of laundry than fold it.) And I’m really not a hoarder. I think of myself as an accumulator of found objects, a collector of clutter, or a bibliophile gatherer. Basically, a magpie of sorts.

But my business partner on the other hand, Kim, is definitely not a hoarder, has an uber super cool farmhouse, never seems stressed out, AND to make you hate her even more, she’s very tidy!

When we first started Farmyard Darlings, she showed me the importance of tidying up the shop. She called it “merchandising your area.” I had no idea what “merchandising your area” meant. I thought it had something to do with razors and (blank) and glitter and….(blank). (Feel free to fill in the blanks.) But I soon learned that it was retail parlance for “arranging goods so that they are visually appealing.”

She would work her magic around the shop like a little fairy sprinkling magic dust on all of the silver trays, old locker baskets, vintage wooden bowls, and old galvanized buckets. It was that moment I learned from Kim that to be good at organizing and ultimately, to master the art of being tidy, was to basically “think like a great shopkeeper.”

She would take her shopkeeper mad skills and put that effort into her home with all of her collections, paintings, books, found items, and family memorabilia. And after working together for 8 years, it’s finally rubbing off on me. My paint by number collection is now proudly displayed above my desk, my vintage books aren’t in boxes in the garage, and my coveted Big Ben clocks are now in cloches. So, take a page from Kim and merchandise your home like a Great Shopkeeper would.

So, what are you waiting for? Where are you going to start? Maybe start with some vintage cherry boxes to help organize your clutter…

farmyard darlings cherry boxes.jpg

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