What does it mean to be GRATEFUL?

Farmyard Darlings Letter #22: What does it mean to be GRATEFUL? And is there a difference between being GRATEFUL and being THANKFUL?

 Like a million other families on Thanksgiving Day, we were discussing what we were actually THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for. One family member respectfully and inquisitively commented, “I don’t think I’m grateful.” She explained that she was truly thankful for all of her blessings, her fantastic family, incredible friends, and her life that has been full of numerous adventures – but she truly and honestly couldn’t understand what she was genuinely GRATEFUL for.

 So, we had to consult Siri’s best friend, Alexa. And this was her response:

Me:        “Alexa, what does it mean to be THANKFUL?”

Alexa:    “To be pleased, relieved, or to express gratitude.”

Me:        “Alexa, what does it mean to be GRATEFUL?”

Alexa:    “The feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness. To be thankful.”

So, what are your thoughts? Is there a difference between being THANKFUL and being GRATEFUL? To be honest, for me, I don’t think that there is one.

Kim Berry & Carole Sinclair

Kim Berry & Carole Sinclair

With Gratefulness and Thankfulness in our hearts, there are neighbors that The Darlings LOVE!!!

1.   Brenda & Tom at Papillon: For the best coffee.

2.   Meri Lee & her crew at The Cooperage: For the perfect gin and tonic.

3.   Roam: For serving the best fries in town.

4.   The Coffee Shop: For the best avocado smash toast.

5.   Sharon Healy & her crew at Urban Remedy: For the best salads.

6.   Tom & Rosylyn at Venture Quality Goods: For the best jeans.

7.   Victor at American Kitchen: For the best chicken fried sandwiches.

8.   Mangia Pizza: For the generous pour of Chardonnay when you wait for your TO GO order.

9.   The entire crew at Chow: For their spicy chicken tortilla soup.

10.  And lastly, for Mike & his crew at The Round Up: For letting us ride our horses into the bar for the past several years!

We are grateful for all of the small businesses in Lafayette and we are thankful for all of our customers who have supported us these past 8 years.

Farmyard Love, Carole & Kim

P.S. Thank you Mom for the idea behind this Blog. Love you!