Farmyard Darlings Turns Eight. Ain't that GREAT!

Farmyard Darlings Letter #21:

Farmyard Darlings Celebrates Being Eight!

In dreams, when 8 appears it suggests that you trust your instincts and our “instincts” suggest that we are going to be around for several more years! And we want to thank those who have stood by us all of these years.

Eight years ago we started a little pop-up shop called Farmyard Darlings with one goal in mind – to hunt for vintage treasures for like-minded folks. Since then we have evolved to concentrate more on creating custom furniture from reclaimed wood and have done over 100 barn doors, numerous tables and many, many other projects.

But, 8 is not enough for us, because we are still learning. We’ve learned a lot from our hits and also a lot from our misses. And along the way, we’ve met many customers that have become lifelong friends, many folks move away, and some customers pass away. But at the end of each day, we’ve had more laughs than tears.

 Happy Eight to us! We are enjoying the ride and we thank each and every one of you that have given us a leg up these past 8 years!

Looking forward to many more!

Kim & Carole

Carole Sinclair & Kim Berry

Carole Sinclair & Kim Berry