Let's Start an Occupy Cupid's Day

Farmyard Darlings Letter #17: Let's Start an Occupy Cupid's Day

Here’s some unabashed Darling advice: Let’s start an “Occupy Heart’s Day” for the heck-of-it and simply embrace the day, and not let it be a nightmare by simply doing the following:

* Spreading random acts of kindness to others * Writing notes of gratefulness to your family and friends * Buying something for yourself that you love *Buying something for someone else that they love *

Sidebar note: “Sorry See’s Candy. This here, little lady can’t accept a box of chocolates. (I know! I know! It takes a true character to accept a gift but believe me; it shows so much grace when it is shared.) But I ain’t sharing my box of chocolates!”

So, here’s the deal: Let’s all go crazy with love this Tuesday and get out of this cycle of outrage and discontent. How? Farmyard Darlings has a lot of love in the shop. And we wanna share it. In fact, we are both going to be in the shop on Valentine’s Day to help celebrate “Occupy Cupid’s Day”. We promise you that we will be filled with loving feelings, thoughts, gift ideas, and a free gift to all when you simply pop in! 

So, whatever you choose to do, don’t get stuck in the same ol’ thing – (unless it’s a tradition.) Try to disengage from social media, channel your creative energy, and meet us at Farmyard Darlings on Tuesday. You can make a handmade card because we will provide you will some creative fixings.

We also have uber cute galvanized hearts everywhere…but that’s not the point. The point here is to GIVE rather than RECEIVE. So if it’s store bought. Great. Visit Farmyard Darlings or another favorite shop…because as we all know, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Happy early Occupy Cupid’s-Day!

Love the Darlings,

Carole (& Kim too!)