Giving to others. Never gets old. The same goes for kindness...

Farmyard Letter #18: Try to never get tired of doing thoughtful things for others because it’s those thoughtful, kind, little things that occupy the biggest part of people's hearts. 

Just think about it. If you decide to stop giving – albeit through gifts and/or time – it’s probably best to simply dismount and hang up your saddle because giving to others is so fulfilling and so much fun! And the best part of it is, that you can really make a difference in someone’s life! So let’s all help one another; because there’s no time like the present and absolutely no present like that of the gift of time.

With that being said, the Farmyard Darlings suggest, when and if possible, to give the present of “time" and for those who need some gift “giving” recommendations, here are some ideas:

1.    Wooden and galvanized trays in several different sizes – ($25-$75)

2.    Small pig and sheep iron piggy banks – ($25)

3.    Farmyard Darlings burlap market bag – ($65)

4.    Citrus glove-scented soy candles – ($25)

5.    Cowhide and linen pillows – ($50-$150)

6.    Cowhide keychains – ($25)

7.    Galvanized metal Christmas tree ornaments – ($8-$18)

8.    Farmyard Darlings dish towels. Three different styles; horseshoe, farmyard animals and four-leaf clover with horseshoes and stars – ($12ea or $30 for three)

9.    Farmyard Darlings barrel racing biscuit mix – ($10)

10.  Alhambra Valley soap – several different scents – ($10)

11.  Elk antler bottle openers – ($25)

12.  Large cowhide flasks – ($45)

13.  Farmyard Darlings burlap market bags – ($65)

14.  Ceramic Serving platters – ($75)

15.  Christmas tree galvanized metal garland – ($35)

16.  Leather "cowgirl" cuffs – ($48)

17.  Farmyard Darlings sweatshirts and sweatpants – ($45)

18.  Snowman and Christmas tree 9” ornaments hand cut from retired 55 gallon barrels – ($12)

19.  Reclaimed American flags – ($195-$395)

20.  Farmyard Darlings mesh trucker hats – ($25)

Remember that there is no act of kindness, no matter how small, that is ever wasted.   

Farmyard Love,

Carole & Kim

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