You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy local and that’s kind of the same…

Farmyard Darlings Letter #20: When you buy from a small business such as ours, I promise you that there is an ACTUAL person (or two!) that does a little happy dance!!!

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I have a confession to make. Before we started Farmyard Darlings, I never fully comprehended the importance of buying locally, shopping small, attending community events & festivals. Honestly, I was searching for the best price. Period. But after being a small business owner for almost 8 years, I can think of 5 reasons:

  1. Local business owners are literally behind the counter, sweeping the floors, making deliveries, and actually know customers by their names. (We personally dedicate many hours to learn and remember what our customers want and need.)

  2. We really do try to guarantee the best customer service. (We stand by all of our products. If there is a flaw, we will fix it. If you don’t love it. No worries. We realize that there’s always, always room for improvement. Just like hair. Everyone can have a bad day!)

  3. As a small business, we work with local businesses, buy local services, and work with local artisans. We also support local events, local sports teams, local educational organizations, and local philanthropic charities. (Did I mention LOCAL?)

  4. According to a 2016 Small Business Magazine article, small businesses support 250% more than big corporations based on their gross revenue. (Now, that’s a big number!)

  5. In the same report cited above, buying local keeps 4X the money in the local economy compared to shopping at chains. (So we’ll see you at The Lafayette Art & Wine Festival September 15 and 16! Right?! Come and get to know the people behind the local businesses.)

THANK YOU for supporting LOCALLY and shopping SMALL at Farmyard Darlings. See you this weekend at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival. Be sure to peek your head in the door and say “howdy!”

 Live with what you Love. Love where you Live. Shop Locally.

 Farmyard Love, Carole & Kim

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 P.S. The Darlings want to thank everyone for your ongoing support from family, friends, customers and everyone at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Capital, The Whitten Family, The Hunt Family, and all of our neighbors at La Fiesta Square!