If Momma Ain't Happy. Ain't Nobody Happy.

Farmyard Darlings Letter #15: There's a lot of different types of "happy"...

Like the kind of happy that annoys-everyone-around you type of happy when they are constantly saying how “blessed” they are? Well, I don’t fit into that category, but I do think of myself as generally being a kind-of happy person. Not the sugar and spice kind of version, more like the salty kind with a side of vinegar. I’m always thinking of ways to be happy….like when I sometimes say out loud to a stranger in line at Safeway that “I’ll be happy someday when I actually remember why I came here in the first place.” #feelingblessed

Maybe I’ll be happier when I lose those 15 lbs that seem to linger like the smell of morning bacon. Or at least, I know that I’ll be happy on Sunday, May 8th, not because it’s a guarantee that I will have bacon, but that it’s Mother’s Day once again and it turns out that my kids are still alive. #baconrules

So, it’s time to play the Mom Card this Mother’s Day. Especially because everyone around me seems to be playing the MOM card so, so well. Maybe they all got dealt better cards. I mean, my cards are great and all, but I’m just not playing them well. (Dealer? Another hand please?) Because sometimes my kids make me cry and I think to myself “is this really what I signed up for?” I’m doing and saying crazy things that my Mom said to us as kids, that I told myself I would never say to mine. #momcard

And now, fast forward, here’s just a few favorite lines from the past couple of months:

The Illogical Mom: Because I said so, that’s why! Because I am your parent! One day you’ll thank me.

The Sarcastic Mom: If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Someone better be on fire!

The Logical Mom: God gave you a brain, now use it! Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

The Threatening Mom: I’ll give you something to cry about! I’ll give you something to cry about! I’ll give you something to cry about!

Have I missed any?

So, back to the question of what really makes us happy. For me, it’s the kind gestures that help me get through the day that make me happy. For example when just recently my sister came over to help me fold my laundry and do the dishes; or my husband making sure that there is gas in the truck, food in the fridge, the girls where they need to be, the bills paid, and of course, that I’m happy. #ihaveagoodman

Enough about being happy, I know that this Mother’s Day, I plan on going on a trail ride with my family, and if all goes well, we'll all be happy! 

Think of where you want to be happy this Mother's Day! And enjoy the ride...because soon we won't be asking our children "When you're out of this house (blah blah blah)!" We will be wishing that they were in the house. Happy Mother's Day y'all! 

Farmyard Love, Carole

P.S. Kim is out riding right now and can't chime in... 

Kim's view from Blondie.

Kim's view from Blondie.