Our "Love" Recipe

Farmyard Darlings Letter #13: What is our recipe for Love?

We all know that February 14th is nearly upon us – one of the sweetest and most romantic holidays of the year. Hallmark rakes in the dough. Floral shops are bustling. Over-priced restaurants are crowded. And comedians have plenty of fodder to celebrate the day.

If you’ve landed here in search of some cupid advice, a restaurant or florist referral, or simply a sweet saying or quote, you might not have come to the right place. But if you’re interested in putting aside all of the high and impossible-to-exceed expectations, and simply want to whip up your own recipe for love, here’s what The Darlings Love Ingredients would most likely look like:


1 huge cup of plushness (A Royal Scout & Co faux fur wrap)

2 spoonful’s of romance (Farmyard Darlings lemon verbena scented candles)

4 tablespoons of comfort (Farmyard Darlings cowhide down pillows)

2 doses of security (Farmyard Darlings cowhide key chains)

1 splash of coolness (Farmyard Darlings leather cowgirl cuffs)

3 tons of style (Farmyard Darlings barn doors)

½ lb of sharing (A Royal Scout & Co faux fur blanket)


By the way, the Farmyard Darlings Galantines and Valentines have it easy. They know to forget the flowers and chocolate and head straight to the tack store!

Have a great day full of Love. Not only on Valentines Day, but everyday.

Farmyard Love,


Carole (& Kim too!)