We are expanding!

Farmyard Darlings Letter #11: Farmyard Darlings is expanding! Introducing Farmyard Darlings Mercantile & Gifts

There’s something about walking into an authentic Mercantile Shop that brings you back to the days when your handshake was your word, to a time when people willingly rolled up their sleeves, worked hard and were proud of what they accomplished at the end of the day.

One of the many reasons we started Farmyard Darlings was because we wanted to recreate that feeling of pride and accomplishment – to bring back the handshake as a contract and when your “promise” really meant something.

So, we are excited to announce our second location in Lafayette, California -- Farmyard Darlings Mercantile -- located at 20 Lafayette Circle where the former "Hen House" used to reside. It’s an historic building that speaks of a life before this one. Originally built in 1920 on Mt. Diablo Boulevard and then moved to its current location in 1939.

The building has had several different owners and purposes – including the Lafayette Sun Newspaper, a furniture store, a Realty Company, a Trading Post, and a Thrift Shop – and through it all, it has remained a rich presence in this town’s familiar landscape. It’s a building with heart and authenticity and a perfect home for The Farmyard Darlings.

Come on in and visit us! We will be opening our doors during the 20th year of the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival held on Saturday, September 19th from 10am - 7pm and Sunday, September 20th from 10 - 6pm. It’s the largest annual festival in Contra Costa County and The Darlings are thrilled to be at the festival epicenter and part of it for the very first time!

Farmyard Love,

Kim & Carole