Home - What Makes a House a Home?

Farmyard Darlings Letter #10: Home: Such a tiny word for such an important place...

The Farmyard Darlings design style has been described as Country Chic, Farmalicious Fantastic, Rustic Elegant, Whimsical Western and just plain "Darling". But we understand that not everybody wants a "Dash of Darling" to add to his or her home; but what we really want to encourage folks to fill their homes with items that really make your ticker tick.

So, with that being said, we want to share our personal home style and explain what really what makes us tick!

Carole Sinclair: "What’s the style of your home?" I call it Clutter-ful! My home is chock-a-full of collectibles which includes cameras, bottles, vintage books, paintings, trunks, leather luggage, and family photos. It’s cluttered…but in a controlled stay-all-together-type of way. I love having my vintage books displayed everywhere  -- even in the bathroom! -- because each has it’s own story and it’s own connection to history. In my mind, the juxtaposition of old and new is so beautiful when it is done well and I try to display my treasures the same way that we do in our shop, by grouping them by color, texture, or shape. 

Carole's Books in a Cloche

Kim Berry: "What’s the style of your home?" I like a more minimalist, comfortable feel to my home.  I live in a small space, so I don’t necessarily collect like Carole does, instead, I create conversation spaces and add simple, thoughtful touches around – like a vintage wooden ladder to hold my blankets, or a vintage front door screen resting up on a wall as décor. I also think that using reclaimed wood pieces is a great way to warm up every room in the house, whether it be a bench, a mirror, a table, or a vintage ladder. But the most important place in my home is actually two places, my kitchen and backyard tables. It's not only where my family gathers to eat but where we gather to talk, play games, do homework, shared ideas and draw strength from each other. 

So there you go. Our passion really defines the style of our homes. The things that we surround ourselves with not only inspire us but really tell a lot about who and what we are – “farm-style conservationists!”   Farmyard Darlings, Kim & Carole

And it’s now your turn. How would you describe the style of your home?