I’m tired of acronyms and buzzwords...

Farmyard Letter #9: Acronyms suck. And buzzwords can be such a buzzkill.

Remember when WYSIWYG was a common acronym? Now, especially as parents, we have CNBU, FUBAR, POS, ASLP and many others to worry about.

But what I really want to rant about is buzzwords. I’m really tired of them…(Or maybe I'm just really tired.)

I’m tired of buzzwords like “reclaimed wood” and “vintage” and “unique” and “authentic.” (I could go on and on!) Why not just say “reclaimed wood” is retired wood people just don’t want anymore but yet charge a bundle for it. And “vintage” simply means something that has seen a lot of dust. “Unique”. Well, I hate that word more than any word in the dictionary. It’s so common and overused but also so much easier to spit out compared to a six-syllable word like “idiosyncratic.” But lately, the word “authentic’ is becoming such a fashionable buzzword that it has, yes, lost it’s authenticity in my opinion.  But here’s my hypocritical comment: Farmyard Darlings is often referred to as an authentic brand…and I like that. I really do. Because aren’t we all authentic in our own way? Does it not mean being true to one’s own values? Shouldn’t we all strive to be authentic? I want to hear from you…

What kind of buzzwords are you tired of? (Don’t even get me started on “Stretch Goal” yet another business buzzword that seems a bit shopworn, don’t you think?) Here’s your chance to rant a little.

Farmyard Love,