There's ALWAYS something to be thankful for...

Farmyard Darlings Letter #12: There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for...

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. When you’re thankful for something and don’t acknowledge or appreciate it, it’s like working really hard to purchase that perfect gift and never giving it away….

If I received a gift of, let's say...1.3 gazillion dollars, I would be rich, right? (I would be really, really thankful too.) But major news flash, I wasn’t gifted with a gazillion dollars. And here’s the funny thing? I feel rich – not like Forbes-Billionaire-List Rich – but more like the feeling of being "rich” when I look around and see all of the things that money can’t buy. Like stress-free, chill-time with family, laughing and WHINE-free time with my daughters, the perfect date (not talking about finances) with my man, and jeans that fit perfectly…. (I blatantly plagiarized that last part about jeans from a sappy country song.) But honestly, I really don’t want all the money in the world. I just want time.

Speaking of time…It’s Thanksgiving time and all I want to do is gather around a table, have great conversations, eat like it's my last prison meal, and enjoy a uniquely-decorated table with fun (preferably farmilicious) finds.

Enter the ‘other’ Darling….Kim. Whenever I think of a perfect table setting, I can’t help but think how Kim has a tradition of making the greatest table settings for every occasion – not just Thanksgiving.  (Yes, she’s the type of person who begins the gathering process November 1st collecting the perfect twigs, greenery, etc. Just like she begins decorating for Halloween and buying cornstalks no later than October 1.)

One of her favorite table decorations are retired chicken feeders like the one pictured below at Thanksgiving last year... 

Unabashed plug to purchase chicken feeders on our website at 

Unabashed plug to purchase chicken feeders on our website at 

Both of us realize that ‘giving thanks’ with family is precious but also is the importance of a place in your home where everyone can come together and gather. Not just on Thanksgiving…but everyday. And if you haven’t already thought of this, why don’t you ban the Thanksgiving adult tables? Put everyone at the kids table…because that’s where the fun is!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving. Give thanks for all that you have and all of the perfect jeans you’re going to buy on Black Friday.

Farmyard Love,

Carole (& Kim too!)