It's Just a Photo...Right?

Farmyard Darlings Letter #6: What Makes a Photograph Fine Art?

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Since the beginning of our Farmyard adventure, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of photographers and just recently we had the opportunity to be photographed by Michael Clemens of Sees The Day ( Michael is truly a black belt photographer. (No, make that two black belts!) The image above emphasizes his black belt expertise because he took a difficult angle and poor lighting and made it absolutely breath-taking. In my measly ol' opinion, this image is most definitely fine art. Not only because he really intended that out-of-focus-thingy-in-the-picture to be there -- but because it's kind of painterly and moody having the edges dark as if you are peeping into some secret space.  

Carole on Spotty and Kim on Little Joe.

Carole on Spotty and Kim on Little Joe.

Love this Wild, Wild, West film shot in contemporary cowgirl garb mostly because the horses are so darn cute and were such low maintenance. My gawd, They didn't even have to have a spray tan before the photo shoot! Okay. No, seriously. I can't stop looking up at the sky! So, somehow, the photo is not about the subject (that would be us, duh!) instead, it's about the shape of the clouds, the threat of daylight fading, the multiple layers and different tones of the trees. This, my fellow friends, is fine art.

So thank you Michael, from the bottom of our cheesy Darling hearts for sharing your black belt photography with us!

Farmyard Love,

Carole (& Kim too!)

So, tell us, what makes photography fine art?