Where is Your Happy Place?

Farmyard Darlings Letter #2: Where is your happy place? (Especially during the holidays.) 

A lot of people ask me “Where is your happy place?” I immediately reply, “When I’m at the barn!” In fact, at just about any barn. The older the better. Because, I’ve always been attracted to them. I especially love the sky-high haylofts, the chunky old beams, the rusty galvanized roofing, the dust, the smell, the color of the wood, the craftsmanship, and of course, the silos and windmills. There’s just so much history!

My family is fully aware that I’m completely crazy over old barns. OH MY GOSH! I make them stop every time I see one! In fact today, Carole and I were at the Livermore CrossWinds Church where they have selected Farmyard Darlings to be part of the building of their new church! We can't BELIEVE that we were selected to be part of this project! AMAZING! They are building on the land that was formerly The Freisman Bros. Dairy and there is so much history! This is so exciting! The Building Project Manager, Dave, gave us a tour and we were overwhelmed with what we saw and all of the history that surrounded us. Wow. Are you kidding me? You had me at MILK BOTTLES!

After our visit, a few wrong turns and a late lunch, we were able to drive home through my favorite backroads of Tassajara Valley. We took some photos of barns, cows, silos, windmills, sheep, and horses. Unbelievable day, don't you think? I'm so lucky to be a Farmyard Darling.

Even when you are crazy-crazy– especially during the holidays – never, ever pass the opportunity to stop and take in the massive awesomeness of a barn and take a picture or two. You won't regret it! And if you have any information about the Freisman Bros. Dairy let us know! Especially if you find any Freisman milk bottles in your travels.

Farmyard Love,



What about you? "When are you the happiest? Especially during the holidays?” 

Red Barn in St. Martin, CA